Frutos secos mendoza Association

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Working together for the Industry

We represent growers, nurseriers, handlers and exporters of nutfruits in Mendoza province, Argentina.

Mendoza Nutfruit Association

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Nutfruit, a healthy choice

The way nutfruits are being growed, handled, preserved and delivered allow them to preserve their nutrients, becoming an excelent supply of energy, vitamins an essential fatty acids that enrich your diet and fill it with texture and flavor.

The best of the ground on your table

We work with dedication and professionalism, both on farms and handling plants, taking care of the environment and workers, to bring the best of our land to your table.

Our root on the farmer, our scope on the consumer

We believe in the importance of each actor in the value chain, and we work for every effort to be rewarded, from the farmer to the consumer.

National Nutfruit Survey

An important project promoted since 2016 within the Federal Nutfruit Council, a public-private sphere convened by the Ministry of Agroindustry of Argentina, and other national agencies, province governments , and specific entities of the industry, such as clusters and trade boards.


Santa Cruz 264, 1er piso of 4, Mendoza, Argentina

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